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Roosters are near and dear to my heart. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love my boys!  

I would estimate that 99% of all roosters get put down because there are few people who can have them. City laws and ordinances simply will not allow you to have roosters on your property because of potential noise. And those who can have roosters don’t because they don’t realize the importance of roosters in their chicken flock or as pest control on their property. So options can be slim in finding new homes for roosters. 

I have heard so many silly stories about roosters: you can only have one as otherwise they’ll fight too much...roosters are almost always aggressive...roosters crow all day can’t have standards and bantams living together. I have fostered over 200 roosters during the last few years and have not found these to be true. Many times when roosters first come to me they are aggressive because they have been kept in small cages at the humane society for too long or they have never met another rooster. But once they are given some space and allowed to work things out amongst the flock, they do just fine! In fact, my main roosters have seen so many rescue boys come and go, they’re used to showing the new boys the ropes.   

My hopes in writing this page is that if you have the option to rescue a rooster, you’ll give it a try! You’ll truly be saving a life.
hens need cocks too!
For the proper balance of a chicken flock, you really need at least one rooster, and of course more if you have a large flock. The hens really do look to the roosters. First off, the roosters take on the job of overseeing the flock and watching out for danger. They’d give their lives to protect the hens if it came to that. They also go out looking for food and when they find it, they call to the hens to have them come and eat, but won’t eat the food themselves! I have seen this time and time again. I give a special treat to a rooster and he doesn’t eat it but rather calls a hen over to let her have it. So sweet.

And then of course there is the love relationship aspect that all the chickens deserve to have a happy, fulfilled life. They are beings just like us that want to have a mate. Within my flock of 30+ chickens, there are specific love relationships that occur. A rooster will claim one specific hen and you will see them together all of the time. I have three roosters who currently have one specific girlfriend even though they could could have many girlfriends. It’s like they got married! And when they pair up like this, it seems like it’s for life, the way so many species of birds do. My first rooster, a tiny bantam named Colbert, was only 25% of the size of my standard hens so though he was their rooster, he couldn’t do much with the girls. I then rescued a sweet little bantam hen that was his size. They paired up immediately and have been together ever since. She now has cancer, and is getting to the end of her life but he is there, taking care of her. At night she gets under him to stay warm and he lays over her all night long. I don’t know what Simone would do without her Colbert.

So to give your chickens the best life, please have roosters in your flock. Not only will you save a life, but you’ll make your girls *very* happy.
ideas for saving more cocks
1) My goal is to save as many roosters as possible. One of the ways to do this is by educating folks on the importance of roosters in the flock, as told by the stories on this page. If you’re reading this, please tell these stories to your friends and family. Many people have no idea about the special relationships that happen between a flock of birds, especially chickens. If you can help spread the awareness of this, maybe you’ll encourage someone to get a rooster and thus, save a life.

2) If you are somewhere where you can have roosters but are still concerned with noise issues, get a bantam rooster. They of course crow but the sound does not carry the same way as it does for the big boys. The bantams are adorable and can weigh just a pound or two. Something that small can’t cause too much trouble :) (See above right for more tips.)

3) We need to find roosters a job so that they become “needed.” What chickens are known for is pest control. They do this “job” best. Many farms are moving towards sustainable agriculture. They employ chickens to do pest control on their property. Many times the farms have mixed flocks of boys and girls which is great - but we have a specific need for placing roosters right now.

So here’s the idea: roosters can live in a flock of only roosters. Say you get 40 roosters free ranging together with zero hens: the boys will get along. Fights mostly occur when roosters are fighting over hens. Without hens, they should get along especially if they have enough space to get away from each other and if pecking order gets established. Another idea if you want both hens & ‘roos is that you could have your hens in a coop with a just a few roosters that are good with your girls, and then have many other roosters that free range outside around your coop. Again, the boys on the outside shouldn’t fight too much as there really are no hens to fight over, and you’ll be able to save many roosters without worrying about over mating issues.

Suddenly we would be able to save a bunch of roosters and give them a job of helping a sustainable farmer. And on farms the crowing is usually loved and quite charming. For example, many wineries now or moving towards sustainable farming methods. How fun it would be to go wine tasting at an estate vineyard and have the roosters crowing amongst the grapes. Everybody wins! 

Please help me spread the word about this idea. Together we could save many rooster lives and help the planet at the same time.
why do roosters need rescuing?
 Roosters arrive at shelters everyday and sadly 99% get euthanized as they have no where to go.
 Because of factory farms & people who use roosters for fighting, chickens are one of the most abused animals on the planet. Rescuing a rooster will give a rooster a chance to live out a long, happy life.
 Roosters are amazing at natural pest control! Save a rooster & help out your property at the same time!

 A flock of hens prefer & need their rooster boyfriends. Hens deserve a love life too you know!

 The sustainability movement says to have your own chickens for eggs, but without roosters, you are not truly sustainable. We say, 


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