the power of the flock
Cesar Milan (aka The Dog Whisperer) always talks about The Power of the Pack: how his balanced dogs help to balance the unbalanced dogs. Well let me tell you how “THE POWER OF THE FLOCK” has helped rehabilitate many “aggressive” roosters.

My roosters have seen many, many rescue roosters come and go, and they have rehabilitated many unbalanced roosters for me. How? Because my boys are balanced and are the protectors of my flock, and will not allow any rooster near them that is unbalanced and not in control (aka aggressive.) So when I get a new rooster, I turn it over to my boys so I can get a read on what energetic state it is in and we start helping it right away. Honestly, they can help rehabilitate another rooster much faster and more effectively than I ever could so I just turn the job over to them! Here’s what happens:

Mr. Rooster is the ultimate head of my flock, so all new roosters need to meet his approval. After I am sure that the new rooster isn’t obviously sick and we’ve done a period of quarantine, I let him out of his carrier, in a place where Mr. Rooster can see him. Mr. Rooster runs up to the new guy and suddenly a stand-off occurs: they lock eyes and both hold still for a minute or two, as though some sort of mental conversation is going on. Now many roosters at this point understand that Mr. Rooster is in charge so they turn around, go the other way, and do their chicken thing but understanding that Mr. Rooster & my boys are the alphas and the new guys stay submissive. But if there is an unbalanced energy, as the stand off occurs, suddenly a fight breaks out! Mr. Rooster tries to put the new guy in check. Now many roosters also at this point fight for a little while but then quickly submit. You know they submit as they slightly turn their head away, start pecking at the grass, and ultimately walk away. But then there are those that continue to fight. That is when my whole flock of roosters - and even a hen or two(!) - might get involved. They continue to fight the new one, saying that their energy is not OK and that they do need to submit to the pecking order and get along with others.

Now I watch this whole drama to make sure that no one gets hurt. And if the new guy won’t submit to the rules of a a balanced flock, I end up pulling him from the group so that no one hurts each other. But I do keep trying the new guy to see if he’ll start to submit to my boys and not fight - which happens in 99% of the cases. It actually happens most of the time in the first few minutes, but there are a few cases that need more time. But once the pecking order is established and everyone is living peacefully then I know the new boy can be adopted out to a good home. 

This has been *so* fascinating for me as I have taken in many roosters that were considered so aggressive that they needed to be euthanized, but one afternoon with Mr. Rooster sets them straight and they become very well behaved boys!

As I said before, my roosters have seen so many foster roosters come and go it’s old hat for them now. It’s as though they know this is their job. It’s incredible as their reaction to the new guy tells me exactly where the new boy is at, so that I can assess his behavior immediately. And to think Mr. Rooster showed up at the humane society as an orange-dyed Easter egg chicks when he is the most dignified, balanced rooster one could ever have. I’m *so* glad I rescued him! Now I’ll help you rescue your own special boy :) 

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