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Here, we feature a success stories of a rooster(s) that found a fabulous permanent home. Spiderman & Feathers Each Found a Home!

Spiderman (a barred rock rooster) and Feathers (a buff, feathered foot boy) were part of the Marin Humane Society Rescue. They came to the shelter together - here's a photo of them there:

They both came in with upper respiratory issues which I treated for a few weeks - they recovered nicely. Feathers was a bit thin so we gave him all the fresh food we could, and also dewormed him (& spiderman too) before he left. I'm hoping that he was just thin because of the respiratory issue and with time, he'll gain weight.

When they got here, I was determined to keep them together. But, after living together in their pen for a while, it became apparent that though they loved each other, they would also do just fine without each other! Mr. Spiderman was the dominant boy and he loved to remind Feathers of that - and poor feathers was always kept down.

One night, David from Lompoc e-mailed me saying, "I hope you sell a million t-shirt!" Thanks, David! That made my night. He also said that he wanted a barred rock rooster - and Spiderman was the perfect fir for him. David has a ranch in Creston so he met my boyfriend, Dana at Trader Joe's to do the hand off of Spiderman to his new home. Soon after, I received these FABULOUS photos:

Spiderman hanging with the Alpacas:

And look at this fabulous coop!!!:

Yay! What a great home for Spiderman. A huge thank you to David and his family for taking him in.

A couple weeks later, I received a call from Bonnie. Her friend had seen our article in the SLO New Times and told Bonnie to contact me as Bonnie wanted a rooster. Bonnie had six lonely hens that needed a boyfriend, and when I told her about Feathers, she got really excited - she also had a larger hen with feathers on her feet so Feathers would be a gorgeous addition to her flock.

To mention, Feathers had been a little aggressive when her first arrived here - probably because he was scared. He would bite us when we'd take him out of his dog create in the morning and he's also go after out feet. But with a little retraining/reconditioning and also allowing him to free range to burn off energy, he became the sweetest boy in the world! I told Bonnie everything I knew about his background and personality, and Bonnie was fine with giving him a try - especially knowing that we would be happy to take him back if we needed to and give her a different rooster to try out.

Dana delivered Feathers to Bonnie's home, and here's a shot of her with her new boy:

And here's Feathers meeting the girls - the smaller white girl gave Feathers a hard time - she gave true meaning to the phrase, "hen pecked!"  - haha

Bonnie called me a few days later telling us of how happy she is with her new boy, and she feels like it all worked out perfectly - she'll keep him forever!

I'm just so thankful both of these boys found such a great home! Yay - two more boys saved :)
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