a few stories about my cocks
Roosters seems to get such a bad rap all the time, I wanted to tell a couple stories of how sweet they can be. I’ll be adding more stories soon - and if you have an amazing rooster story, please e-mail us and let us know! Your boy may be featured on the site :) E-mail me at: 
my boys & their special needs girlfriend
I have a rescued white silkie hen named Buddy (pictured left in front of Mr. Rooster.) She lived inside a house for the first few years of her life as a pet for a young boy. When his parents divorced, he had to give her up. Buddy then went to the boy’s teacher where she held on to Buddy for him in case the boy could take her back. This woman kept Buddy in a tiny rabbit hutch for a year and a half, never letting her out once during that time. I was finally contacted to pick Buddy up as the boy could not take her back. When I met Buddy her nails were so overgrown, they curled around themselves. My vet could only cut so much of them, and we had to so subsequent trimmings to get them back to a normal length. 

Needless to say, Buddy did not know how to be a chicken. For the first few months, she lived with me indoors, slowly learning to move around again. In fact at night, she’d sit on the sofa and watch TV with me!  But little by little, I introduced her to our flock as we knew she was better off being a chicken.  

My roosters immediately recognized that something was not right with Buddy. They accepted her as part of the flock, but I have never once seen them mate her, which I think she much appreciates. But we have had a few rescue roosters come through here that think they can mate Buddy as they can’t seem to catch any other hens. I have seen three of my roosters, separately at different times, defend Buddy from these roosters. They chase them off and do not allow them to mate her. Yet, once they claim her, they themselves do not mate her. What kind of amazing chivalry is that!
My Mr. Rooster
My roosters have seen many hens & roosters come and go. They always accept the new ones into the flock, which in of itself is amazing. Many times when one of my roosters first meets a new rooster or even a new baby chick, he’ll get face to face with the individual and they both stand perfectly still as if they are talking to each other. Then my rooster suddenly releases the “stand off” and they each go their merry way in peace as everything seems to be worked out. It’s literally like they’re talking to each other and my rooster is setting the ground rules or something.

I recently adopted 12 battery cage hens from ANIMAL PLACE that rescued the hens from a factory farm. The hens have never been outside of the factory farm before where they cram six chickens into a tiny cage. The hens are de-beaked, never given a fresh food, and live in complete filth all of their lives.

When these girls joined my flock, Mr. Rooster immediately decided that he was going to take care of these girls and show them the ropes. He literally never left their sides for the first few weeks we had them.  I watched him trying to show the girls that the fresh veggies were good to eat, although the girls weren’t so sure. But he stayed with these girls in their hiding space under the deck, trying to help them get acclimated to our set up. It was so precious to watch.
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